Thursday, April 29, 2010

Performance Schedule for the Renaissance Faire

Here's a list of those performing during the day at the Faire. Be sure to come support one and all!

10:00 Procession with Bagpiper

10:15 Maeser Orchestra

10:40 YJuggle or Caberata Martial Arts Dance

11:00 Maypole Dance

11:10 True Edge Sword

11:30 Irish Dancers Power Academy

12:00 Maypole

12:10 Maeser Drama

12:30 Shelley Irish Dance Company

1:00 Maypole Dance

1:10 Jugglenutz

2:00 Maypole Dance

2:10 Maeser Choir

2:30 Laugh Out Loud

3:00 Your Imaginary Friends Puppetry

3:30 Auction and Raffle

Last Minute Renaissance Faire Information

Hear Ye, Hear Ye the Renaissance Faire is here. Come one come all to a magical day!

Here's a few last minute tidbits:

** Raffle ticket money is due on Friday after school.
** We have 30 vendors confirmed!
** Costume making after school and during lunch now through Friday.
** We need coolers! Call Lisa Nelson at 687-3791 if you can loan one out for the day.
** Rehearsal for attendants, royalty and May pole dancers will be Friday at 1:15 p.m. at the park.
** We still need people to bring bakery goods, auction items and running the inflatable slide.
** If the weather is bad, we'll be inside at the school! But it WON'T be bad! :)
** Be sure to check out UPR (Utah Public Radio) and the Daily Herald for advertising spots and afterwards, a report on the event!

See you at the Faire!!

Saturday May 1st 10am to 4pm at the Lindon City Park.
Invite your friends and family!
Please tell everyone that there is no admission fee!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Help Needed.... STILL!

The time for preparing for the Renaissance Faire is running out. We still need help with the following items:

* Help to run the inflatable slide and jumping castle. Contact Nanci McRaney 722-4375.

* Help run and collect auction donations. Contact Debby Lauret 319-8655

* Bake items for the Baked Goods Auction, Lorinda Tyler Pohontsch, 616-3674

* Help serve food at Shakespeare’s Tavern-Christine Craig-520-4751

* Find vendors for Merlin’s Market-$35 a booth and a $50 donation for the auction-Lori Robinson at 801-368-7165.

* Help with publicity by passing out fliers-Contact Lisa Nelson-687-3791.

* Donate to the auction. This is to be our biggest money maker!! We really need your donations. Contact Debby and Jim Lauret 318-8655

Get your hours in and volunteer!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

The King's Pastries Slide Show

This was a presentation shown at commons on Friday, April 2 to give students ideas about the upcoming Renaissance Faire.

What to Expect at the Renaissance Faire

We would like to invite you, your families and friends to our Renaissance Faire May 1st from 10am to 4pm.

 The day will begin with the Royal Procession, lead by bagpipers followed by the King and Queen and all the towns people. Everyone is welcome to usher in the King and Queen into the Faire.  It will starting at 10am sharp. Followed with the May Pole dance, which will be performed by our ballroom dancers and accompanied with members of our orchestra. Once the performance is done the fun will begin with live entertainment throughout the day.
 For the children there will be puppetry shows, game and craft booths; crown and pricess tiara decorating, pie throwing, jousting, soccer kick, face painting dart throwing, gold fish toss and an inflatable jumping castle and slide.

 For the adults we have Camelots Vendors, the King's Pastries, Shakespeare’s Tavern, The Peasants Auction and Raffle. Beware we will also have Gypsies and Captain Jack Sparrow in our company.

You can come as a Lord, Lady, Jester, Gypsy, Wench, Peasant, Pirate, Woodland Nymph, Fairy or just yourself.  Just come and add to the festivities. 

 Be prepared to eat, we will be offering a delicous pulled pork sandwich, pizza, corndogs, scones, jerky, churros, snowcones, cotton candy, cakes and more. Rootbeer and other liquid refreshments at the Pub with entertainment of songs and tales of brave knights and love.  

We look forward to you attending this fun filled event.

We will be accepting debit cards and cash, no checks please.